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Three-dimensional random polyamide matting for immediate and permanent protection to all types of slopes.


Multi-layer drainage geocomposite offering excellent flow rate at low hydraulic gradients. Used in vertical surfaces behind concrete retaining walls, multi-storey building, tunnels, protection to waterproofing from damage when trench is backfilled, transports water to collector drain, distributes pressure against vertical wall surface.

Enkagrid PRO

A uniaxial polyester geogrid for reinforcement in slopes, vegetated and segmental block walls, abutments, embankments, platforms and in the foundations of buildings and structures.

Enkagrid MAX

A cost effective biaxial polypropylene geogrid for subbase stabilization, typically on paved and unpaved roads.

Enkagrid TRC

A high-modulus multifunctional geogrid composite formed with Twaron aramid fibers embedded in colback polyester nonwoven. It strengthens weak or poor subgrade soil suitable for reinforcing the aggregate base course in paved or unpaved roadways, parking areas, small embankments, building foundations and platforms.


A black three-three dimensional polyester filament core structure wrapped in a natural colored, nonwoven polyester needle punched adhesive bonded filter which is ultrasonically welded together at the edge. Colbonddrain is normally used for vertical drainage of soft clay/silt soils typically in reclamation project. Accelerated consolidation, speed up the normal process from 20-25 years to months.


Honeycomb structure, made by alternate linking of strips of non woven polyester, stitched together to form hexagonal cells, filled with earth gravel or concrete to protect slopes against erosion.