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Our work includes the supply, as well as supply and installation of building protection systems as solutions to your building problems :


Roof, swimming pool, basement & wall waterproofing systems
  • Decorative & weather-resistant coatings
  • Chemical-resistant wall & floor finishes
  • Structural & waterproofing grouting systems
  • Concrete repair & protection systems
  • Concrete joint treatments
  • Sealants & Adhesives
  • Skim coating & plaster
  • Roof Gardens
  • Fireproofing works
  • We also provide design, supply and installation of architectural teflon roofing structure to buildings.

teflon3 landfill slope

Apart from these, we also supply, as well as supply and install Geotechnical materials for :

  •  Slope protection and erosion control
  • Sub-soil drainage systems
  • Aqua pond lining for shrimp farms
  • Sewerage treatment plants
  • Waste containment pond lining
  •  Soil erosion control systems
  •  Fuel containment tanks.


Under building management systems and services, Chrisphilip supplies various range of electronic air cleaner for ventilation and reduces the level of indoor air pollution at the source.