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Greenseal Multiseal 2000

Greenseal Multiseal 2000 is a spray-applied, waterproofing system that is capable of making the concrete harden. It is oil proof, acid resistant and waterproof.

Greenseal Ultramix

Greenseal Ultramix antiwear flooring systems are a blend of high quality non-metallic aggregates with special types of cement and chemicals which is monolithically applied to fresh concrete.

Greenseal MWR 40

It is a water-dilutble Potassium Methyl Siliconate used for imparting a colourless water repellent surface finish to building material without significantly reducing water vapour permeability.

Greenseal Epoxy Coating

Greenseal Epoxy Coating range of products consists of epoxy primer, epoxy resin screed, epoxy top coat and epoxy glass flake. They give all aroundprotection to floors against chemical and steel erosion.

Greenseal Bentosheet

It is a waterproofing sheet membrane manufactured to a controlled thickness of 150 mils of tough, high density polyethlene (HDPE) and expandable quality grandular Bentonite.

Greenshield 108

It is a water-based flexible coating made from the acrylic resin system fortified with vacuumed sodium borosilicate ceramic micro spheres, which acts as a closed cell in an entire mastic.

Greenseal B2Seal

It is a single part bitumen latex emulsion designed for use as a damp proofing membrane in concrete floors, vapour barrier to cladding pannels, waterproofing membrane to basements, retaining walls and flat roofs and protective coating for repair of cracks and crazing in asphalt surfaces.